Yamaha Ipod Dock

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 Yamaha designed the octagon-shaped body to deliver stability, toughness and style.  Accented by a color-matched, perforated steel grille. The PDX-11 houses a unique two-way speaker system and a large 4 in. woofer that ensures strong bass and stunning mid-range, plus a dedicated tweeter for the higher frequencies.Created and tuned by Yamaha professional audio experts, this system delivers extremely accurate bass along with crystal clear highs. It’s just the kind of remarkable sound you’d expect from Yamaha. This portable, powerful speaker system amplifies your iPod/iPhone music for your active lifestyle. Enjoy your tunes in bright clear quality anywhere and everywhere you go.

  • 4″ Cone woofer
  • AC or AA battery Power
  • Remote Control
  • Weighs 3.3 lbs

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